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The Problem

Inadequate tailor made solutions for business development limit the profitability of many businesses in Africa. Specifically, in agribusiness; Smallholder farmers lack access to mechanization services leading to low production. Mechanization service providers lack models for their hiring businesses and platforms to access farmers who need their services. Smallholder farmers suffer a cash-flow problem - their income peaks at harvest time, but planting season is when they need cash the most to purchase quality seeds and fertilizers. Sadly, this is normally when the money has already run out. They also suffer long chain of middle men during marketing of their farm products giving them very low prices for their farm outputs.

The Solution

Vart Africa Solutions Limited provides tailor made solutions to entrepreneurs for their business development and consulting. We implement a “VART-SPACE-MODEL” that provides solutions to challenges along agricultural value chain by use of technology. Vart-Space-Model uses Hello Tractor Technology (Uber for Tractors) to connect farmers to mechanization services and Tractor owners to track their daily Tractor operations through their smart phone. This technology employs youth as booking agents who help farmers to book for Tractor services through smart phones. The booking agents alongside other vendors sell scratch cards to farmers which help farmers save little by little for seeds and trainings in our system. We then deliver their seeds at the beginning of every planting season and provide training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

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Why Choose Us

We are committed to working in partnership with our clients and stakeholders and consistently deliver value by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Our Clients

Our clients include entrepreneurs, Tractor Owners (mechanization service providers), Farmers, Youth, local, National and international organizations / companies, Local and Central Government, bilateral development partners / agencies, schools, vocational institutions, vehicle and motorcycle owners.

Our Team

‘If you cannot get solutions, then you are looking for solutions in a wrong place’ – Contact any of us. We are passionate about Problem solving

Mr. Bruno S. Akejo is the Chief Executive Officer of Vart Africa Solutions Limited. He holds a Master of Science in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU in Sweden. Mr. Bruno has worked in different sectors such as agriculture, community development and youth development with District Local Government of Uganda, International NGOs (Mercy Corps, Restless Development) and Local NGO (ACSET) and now Private sector - Vart Africa Solutions Limited in Uganda. Mr. Bruno is a programme Development expert for rural development programmes; responsible for general management of Vart Africa and partnership with other companies / organizations.

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